The stevedores of the Port of Vyborg contributed to publishing of a book for the port anniversary

A book “The Town. The Quay. The Port.” dedicated to the history of the town was released in time for the 725 year anniversary of Vyborg. The book tells of the history and development of The Sea Commercial Port of Vyborg. It is the first book of this kind in the company’s history. Its release around the anniversary date symbolises the connection between the history of the port and the history of the town. It is the fact that the town received the status of a harbour town that defined its place in history. The harbour town was a vital place for trade and played an important role in commercial relations between North-West of Russia, Sweden and the Hanseatic League. Readers will learn new and interesting facts about the development and close connections between the port and the town. The edition published by ANO Favorit-Vyborg contains many historic documents and pictures that will appeal to historians and those who are interested in the local history as well as to a general reader. The release of the book became possible due to contribution from Port Logistics LTd and Port Vysotsky LTd.