Vyborg and Kotka to be connected by the Gulf of Finland

Vyborg and Kotka to be connected by the Gulf of Finland

A memorandum of agreement was signed in Kotka on June 07 by Olga Ansberg, the General Director of Port Logistic LTd and Esa Sirviö, the Mayor of Kotka. The document revealed a cooperation between the two parties on organisation of a regular passenger shipping route between Vyborg and Kotka. The memorandum was signed in presence of Toni Vanhala, Development Director for the Municipality of Kotka, Pavel Kuznetsov, the Russian Ambassador to Finland, and Gennady Orlov, Head of the Administration for the Vyborg district in the Leningrad region.

Source : http://www.vbglenobl.ru/news/gennadiy-orlov-novym-morskim-putem-k-finskim-sosedyam


The Munich Transport and Logistic Trade Fair took place from 04 to 07 June, 2019

The Munich Transport and Logistic Trade Fair took place from 04 to 07 June, 2019

This biannual event was first arranged in 1978 and now brings together in excess of 2 000 exibitors from 63 countries. It has quickly established itself as the predominant event in the world of maritime industry for its focus on the challenges facing future logistics. Port Logistics LTd took part in this years exhibition and was represented by senior management figures and client managers. The information point for the Seaport of Vyborg was located in the exhibition space of the Port of Hamburg.

The Royal Harbour Project unveiled

The Royal Harbour Project unveiled

On April 18 2019, The Royal Harbour Project was presented at a meeting of the Coordination Council for inward and outbound tourism. The maritime brand of Vyborg is seen as an exciting, new and visionary tourist project in the North-West of Russia and will be concentrated in the area of Vyborg, a historical settlement of national importance.

The goals of this project are to establish a common standard for services provided to tourists arriving by sea to the port of Vyborg, establishing of a common loyalty programme within the brand tourist products, development of international cultural cooperation and revival of historical ties in the Baltic region.

Much of the focus will go towards encouraging and supporting new ventures aimed at the growing tourist market in Vyborg. Promoting this new comprehensive approach to sea tourism can be achieved by forming a close community of entrepreneurs in the area.

The project will contribute to creating an attractive and effective tourist environment, the coordination of all market participants and full support and training in the operational areas of the harbour border crossing point. As a way to continually improve and keep up to date with global advances, the local administration and business owners of Vyborg will be encouraged to work closely with various international projects involved in maritime tourism. It is assumed that the project will include tourist industry representatives from the North-West region of Russia, Finland, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and other European countries. Thus far, all participants in the project share a common goal of comprehensively developing the tourism business in the North-West Region of Russia.

Port Logistics LTd headed by Olga Ansberg, operator of The Port of Vyborg, will act as a representive for the brand.

Port Logistics LTd has enjoyed continued success in this market since 2012 and has the necessary infrastructure and financial resources in place to carry out the planned initiatives. Partnerships have already produced several preliminary agreements made within the framework of the brand for passenger ship accommodation in the port of Vyborg. Port Logistics LTd plans to establish high-end infrastructure for welcoming and handling passengers, ticket sales, tourist information points, Duty Free shopping and development of tourist attractions and facilities. A regular passenger and cruiseship route between the towns of Finland and Vyborg has already been proposed. The company is working on a strategy which will see the necessary infrastructure installed to enable the handling of small-sized vessels, at an entry and departure point in the port.

Oriente Marine Ltd. is the ambassador of the Royal Harbour brand.

Natalia Nikolaeva, the Executive Director of the company, coordinates the brand members on the international and local markets, defines and sets directions for development of theme products and works on development of the Royal Harbour brand of Vyborg as a seal of quality for businesses in tourism and services. The company will implement a discount programme, allowing three types of discount cards to be used, namely Admiral, Skipper and Navigator, which will offer 15, 10 and 5 percent discount respectively for services of the brand members.

How does one become a member of the programme?

The process of membership aims to be both easy and transparent. In order to be included into the Royal Harbour brand a candidate must apply to Oriente Marine Ltd.

The admission conditions are simple: a candidate company or a private entrepreneur must work within tourism or an adjacent sphere, demonstrate and bring with them an excellent reputation or recommendations. The successful

candidate will then be admitted free of charge into an open register of associated participants under the Royal Harbour brand. Afterwards, the participant of the programme will be to able use the Royal Harbour logo on information sources, signs and objects for sale. The logo itself will act as a seal of quality and will help attract and reassure tourists. The port will provide companies with special training on how to work effectively within the guidlines of the harbour border crossing point.



Port Logistic intends to develop passenger shipping

Port Logistic intends to develop passenger shipping

Port Logistic LTd plans to modernize its passenger infrastructure within the area of the port of Vyborg and establish new shipping routes. The announcement was made by Olga Ansberg, the General Director of the company, at a meeting with the Governor for the region of Leningrad, Alexander Drozdenko.

According to Mrs. Ansberg, this year the company will begin work on the reconstruction of the passenger terminal, modernization of the offices for State Control services and will also work on improving the surrounding areas. After the modernization four quays will be allocated for passenger ships. The port currently has only one functional passenger quay for ships arriving from Lappeenranta to Vyborg. She added that three additional quays will guarantee development of new routes for passenger shipping.

“We are planning to establish regular ferry connections with a number of towns in Finland and other countries, including winter cruises, international cruises and high-speed services to Primorsk and St. Petersburg”,  explains Mrs. Ansberg to Commersant StPb.

She also stressed that Port Logistic does not strive to compete with St. Petersburg, but will rather concentrate on handling of smaller ships and theme cruises. “This is a niche direction, that we will develop”, she said.

The launch of new routes is planned for May 2020. The company has not provided any details on the planned investments.

Port Logistic LTd is a stevedoring company that operates the Seaport of Vyborg. The port has an area of 16.2 ha and specializes in services for transshipment of general cargo, bulk cargo (mineral fertilizers, pellets, coal, ore, timber, scrap metal, aluminium hydroxide) and chemical liquid bulk. The company accommodates passenger vessels during summer navigation. In 2018 the cargo turnover of the port reached 1.9 mln. tons, 25% more than in 2017.

Foto: https://www.instagram.com/drozdenko_au/

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Alexander Drozdenko had a business breakfast with female entrepreneurs in Vyborg

Alexander Drozdenko had a business breakfast with female entrepreneurs in Vyborg

The head of the Leningrad region, Alexander Drozdenko, met with female entrepreneurs from different parts of the region at a business breakfast in Vyborg.

“Any business run by women is special, whatever people say.  Often it is a social entrepreneurship, in areas of education, beauty and fashion. If a woman becomes a general director of a port, the company immediately finds ways to work with social or environmental matters. Yet, the most important fact is that the beautiful part of the humanity always has creative plans!”, noted the Governor in an Instagram post.

Mr. Alexander Drozdenko highlighted that the government for the region of Leningrad has increased its support to entrepreneurs by 40% and he added that the government “discussed the introduction of educational programmes to provide further development in this area and encourage children to take part in entrepreneurial activities.”

The area of Vyborg was represented by Olga Ansberg, the General Director of Port Logistic LLC and the only female manager of a port in Russia. She was joined by Larisa Fomicheva, a head of a catering company.

It’s worth nothing, that the Government for the region of Leningrad has approved a strategy for development of small and medium entrepreneurship until 2030. The region 47 has become the first region in the country, where such document has been approved. To support SME the region has allocated 114 mln Rub in 2019.

Foto: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bu540RylUg3/

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Alexander Drozdenko, Governor for the region of Leningrad, recently visited the Port of Vyborg

Alexander Drozdenko, Governor for the region of Leningrad, recently visited the Port of Vyborg

During his visit he met with the management of Port Logistic LLC. Last year the company hit all time high record when it altogether had received and delivered nearly two million tons of various cargo.

In the years to come the port will introduce new and innovative methods of operation, with a focus on the regular cruise shipping between Finland and Vyborg.

A decision has also been made to modernize certain port facilities in order to provide services to combined ferries for passengers and freight. This requires a reconstruction of the quays and the purchase of new specialized equipment.

During the visit to Vyborg Governor Drozdenko also attended a business breakfast with female entrepreneurs from the region of Leningrad.

In all, 14 female entrepreneurs representing successful local businesses, were invited to discuss possible support measures from the regional government. Participants were from a wide range of spheres, from fitness clubs to private kindergartens.

Complex operation successfully carried out

Complex operation successfully carried out

Recently the universal cargo vessel “Industrial Ruby” called at the port of Vyborg. Its unique feature was its two lifting cranes, each with a boom of 15m and lifting capacity of 250 tons. The vessel arrived to load dredger “Beaver” onboard.

As told by Anton Saveliev, chief process engineer of Port Logistic LLC, any loading of a dredger is a rather technically complicated operation, especially in winter. He explained that the difficulty of this operation lays in the fact that the cargo is heavy and long, and must be lifted by two cranes simultaneously, noting that one lifting unit does not have sufficient capacity.

Mr. Saveliev proudly stated that the loading was completed efficiently and safely due to the professionalism of the port dockers and all those who took part, including the crew of m/v “Industrial Ruby”.

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The Port of Vyborg reports an all-time high

The Port of Vyborg reports an all-time high

During 2018 the port of Vyborg handled some 1 945 200 tons of cargo. The port reported record results, topping 2017 by 25.4%.

These numbers are impressive given the general drop of 0.5% in cargo turnover in the Baltic ports during the same year. It has been 25 years since the port of Vyborg demonstrated such high yearly results.

The volume of export cargo transshipped grew by 27.2%, in particular coal by 79.6%, mineral fertilizers by 12.6% and general cargo by 88% which contributed significantly to the turnover growth for 2018. Import cargo transshipment increased by 6.3% in comparison with the previous year.

The operator of the port of Vyborg is Port Logistic LTd, a stevedoring company. At the end of 2017, Olga Ansberg stepped in as general director of the company. In December the following year the company bought out the port premises from the previous owner, bankrupted Port Equipment LTd. The port operator now has plans to develop the port area and infrastructure to increase cargo turnover and quality of services.

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Gennady Veretennikov passed away

Gennady Veretennikov passed away

Gennady Veretennikov, a veteran of the Vyborg port and an Honored Worker of the USSR Maritime Fleet, passed away on January 04, 2019 at the age of 84.

Mr. Veretennikov is a legend of the Seaport of Vyborg. He started his career at the port in the early 1960s and his whole working life was connected with the port, that he eventually headed. Under his leadership the port developed and increased its turnover, setting an all time annual record of 3 mln tons.  Gennady Veretennikov stayed in his position through a challenging period of Perestroika and was instrumental in saving the port and keeping it successfully operational.

The staff of Port Logistic LTd mourns the loss of Mr. Veretennikov and offers condolences to his family and friends.